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Veterans Day: WW II Through the Eyes of a Kid

A blue star banner indicated that a household had a family member serving in the military during the war. A gold star indicated a family member had died in the service — either killed in action or died from other causes. by Dave Riley MY WORLD WAR 11 began on a Sunday afternoon in December […]

When We Were Kids: My First Employer

Once I said to Joe, who questioned some work I had done, “I think it’s good enough.” Joe, with a withering glare I shall never forget, replied, “Good enough, isn’t.” by Dave Riley Kids’ activities don’t run on autopilot. There have to be adults who coach and manage and make sure that stuff gets organized. […]

When We Were Kids: The Dumbest Things I Ever Did

I turned eighty this year but when I look back on some of the nutty things I did as a kid, I have to wonder how I ever made it this far.  For example… By Dave Riley ABOUT THE AGE OF TEN I developed an interest in testing the laws of physics. How fast could […]

When We Were Kids: Trolleys

  One of the snowballers yelled, “I’ll bet nobody can hit the trolley!” Dumb me — I took him up on it. by Dave Riley Some months ago I complained to Mrs. R that old folks, of which I am one, are too set in their ways.   “They can’t stand change,” I said. But she […]