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Aging: Nerves and the Driving Test

“…you can do everything else right, but if you commit any one of eight critical errors … the test is over and you flunk on the spot.”  Last April I posted a blog about seniors, their automobiles and their driver’s licenses. I wrote, in part, “…to a certain group of seniors, a car is not […]

Aging: At 106 Octavio Orduño Was Still Biking the Streets of Long Beach

“Smoke?” he replied indignantly. “I don’t smoke.” by Dave Riley When I was in my twenties and just back from military service in Germany, I moved to the Monterey peninsula on the California coast and rented an inexpensive place on the corner of First Avenue and Carpenter Street in Carmel. The accommodations were, to put […]

Our National Electoral Food Fight

“It was a Trump-free week, a week without Hillary and Bernie, a week during which we didn’t have to put up with a Democrat on one side and a Republican on the other making evasive answers and generally telling fibs about the other.” by Dave Riley  I HAVE NEVER RUN FOR OFFICE, although I have […]

Gone Fishin’

By Dave Riley There are few places in the world as beautiful as Maine.  Few, but not none. Every year, usually in August, we visit one of those other magnificent places: the Pacific Northwest. Since Mrs. R. is from Seattle and I am from Bangor, mutually acknowledging that both places are gorgeous keeps peace in the […]

The Pilot Who Made People Smile

“There are many ways for a cartoon to be great, not the least of which is to be funny, and Leo was one of the most consistently funny cartoonists we ever had…” by Dave Riley IN THE PAST WE HAVE PAID TRIBUTE in this blog to notable humanitarians, pioneering scientists, and just plain folks who dedicated […]

Meals On Wheels Is A Lot More Than Comfort Food

“8.3 million seniors face the threat of hunger every day in America. Every day.” By Dave Riley My friend Al Wegel is a retired editor who loves words and wordplay. He and I both do the New York Times crossword, but with different results. He finishes the Friday puzzle, which, in case you didn’t know, […]

Independence: A Car is not a Car

  “Losing your license is a life-changing experience.” By Dave Riley In 1929 the Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte painted his famous oil on canvas, The Treachery of Images, which depicts a briar pipe. The work, which now hangs in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, is remarkable for its clean lines, spot-on hues and […]