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Aging: ‘Dying Young Only Looks Good in the Movies’

Journalist Regina Brett put it all in perspective. When she turned fifty, she wrote, “After having breast cancer at forty-one, I’m thrilled to grow old.” BACK IN THE EARLY 1960’S, before Mrs. R. and I were married, we were both employed at a large defense-oriented research firm in Northern California. The staff was a well-educated […]

Aging: Nerves and the Driving Test

“…you can do everything else right, but if you commit any one of eight critical errors … the test is over and you flunk on the spot.”  Last April I posted a blog about seniors, their automobiles and their driver’s licenses. I wrote, in part, “…to a certain group of seniors, a car is not […]

Health: When Life Overwhelms

“It was through [Louella’s] column and other news stories that I came to know about Wynn. My Mom would read me her syndicated reports in the newspaper…” by Dave Riley In the mid-1940’s, when I was a grade schooler at Mary Snow in Bangor, my Uncle Wynn Rocamora was a very successful agent in Hollywood. […]

Maladies: When Your Lifelong Love Hits the Wall

“This certainly is a bump,” she said at last. by Dave Riley THE INTRO TO THIS BLOG says, in part, it’s about “how all seniors have hurdles to face — maladies, loss of loved ones and more.” Well Mrs. R. and I are rather in one of those situations now. The day before Thanksgiving she […]

Aging: Those Who Would Live Forever

By Dave Riley “[Researchers] administered telomerase to a group of mice suffering from age-related degeneration. The result? The damage went away. The mice didn’t just get better; they got younger.” ROBERT ETTINGER DIED FOUR YEARS AGO at age 92. He hadn’t intended to. He spent his entire professional life looking forward to living forever. Sort […]

Aging: ‘Ninety Percent of Things That People Worry About Never Happen’

‘By now I was in full-panic mode. And I was hundreds of miles out to sea and helpless to do anything about the situation — except worry, which I began doing nonstop.’ By Dave Riley WORRY, SAYS AN OLD SWEDISH PROVERB, often gives a small thing a big shadow. I first heard that a long […]