Monthly Archives: April 2016

One final entry …

This will be the final entry in this blog. As regular readers know, Mrs. R. and I have spent a good deal of time in the hands of the medical profession in the five months since Thanksgiving. She has had a number of issues, including three operations. She faces nothing life threatening, other than the […]

Change: Arnie Goes High Tech

From The Arnie Chronicles, the semi-fictional biography of Joshua Bateman Arnold. For those of you who are relatively new to this blog, I must introduce Arnie — Joshua Bateman Arnold, about whom I haven’t written since last November.   He is my neighbor and a retired long haul trucker. He’s also a widower, and Mrs. R. […]

Aging: The Hommmme

One day I passed an elderly lady sitting in a wheelchair outside her room … Our eyes met, and I said “Hi.” She returned the most beautiful smile. A decade ago Mrs. R. belonged to a most collegial bridge group of eight ladies — two tables. They played every Thursday at one of the member’s […]