Monthly Archives: November 2015

Exercise: Knowing When to Say When

“I said to myself, ‘You can do this.’ The hill replied, ‘Oh no you can’t.’” By Dave Riley I CAN’T PINPOINT THE DATE, but I believe it was sometime in my early forties, or thirty-five or forty years ago, that I took up jogging. My daughter, a student at the time who has since enjoyed […]

Aging: Arnie, Soledad Mexia and the Fountain of Youth

The latest episode in the semi-fictional biography of Joshua Bateman Arnold.  by Dave Riley IT WAS A LAZY SATURDAY MORNING, and, as we frequently do, Mrs. R. and I, along with our neighbor Arnie, who has been enjoying an extended vacation from this blog, were sitting in the backyard reading. Mrs. R. was perusing a […]

Veterans Day: WW II Through the Eyes of a Kid

A blue star banner indicated that a household had a family member serving in the military during the war. A gold star indicated a family member had died in the service — either killed in action or died from other causes. by Dave Riley MY WORLD WAR 11 began on a Sunday afternoon in December […]

Aging: The Last Doughboy

We don’t think much about WW I these days, but it was a brutal, bloody event that ended up taking an estimated 17 million lives. By Dave Riley When I was really young, I mean like four or five or so, every November 11 my Dad took me downtown not long after breakfast to see […]