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Phobias: The Curse of Stage Fright — Part Two

You’ve just been elected secretary of your senior citizens club, and in a few days you have to get up in front of everyone and give a report. But you’re scared to death. Scared? No, you’re petrified. Not to worry. You can do it. Read on. IF YOU HAVEN’T READ last Wednesday’s post, Phobias: the […]

Phobias: The Curse of Stage Fright — Part One

  “There are two kinds of people in the world: those who admit they are nervous speaking in front of an audience, and those who lie about it.”  By Dave Riley THE SCENE WAS A HUMANITIES CLASSROOM  in a high school in Massachusetts back in the day — way back. One by one, students were giving […]

Aging: Besse Cooper’s 42,000 Sunrises

“Naming bridges is no slam dunk in Georgia. For a while it appeared the state legislature would have to sign off on it, which couldn’t happen until after the bridge was dedicated.” THIS IS A STORY ABOUT A BRIDGE, a county in Georgia with a famous resident, and a great great grandmother— the latter mainly […]

Our National Electoral Food Fight

“It was a Trump-free week, a week without Hillary and Bernie, a week during which we didn’t have to put up with a Democrat on one side and a Republican on the other making evasive answers and generally telling fibs about the other.” by Dave Riley  I HAVE NEVER RUN FOR OFFICE, although I have […]

Infirmities: The Caregiver

“…I suspect there are a lot of caregivers who would tell us that the film isn’t a realistic portrayal of their lives.” by Dave Riley I HAVE NEVER BEEN A CAREGIVER for someone with Alzheimer’s or any form of dementia. I have known some such caregivers, and from what I can glean, the road they […]