Monthly Archives: August 2015

Gone Fishin’

By Dave Riley There are few places in the world as beautiful as Maine.  Few, but not none. Every year, usually in August, we visit one of those other magnificent places: the Pacific Northwest. Since Mrs. R. is from Seattle and I am from Bangor, mutually acknowledging that both places are gorgeous keeps peace in the […]

People Who Make A Difference: Arthur Vandenberg

This is like a job to him. He hardly ever misses a day, and when he does, he calls in to let us know.” by Dave Riley MY NEIGHBOR ARNIE — Arnie’s full name is Joshua Bateman Arnold — anyway, Arnie is pretty careless with numbers. “China has three trillion people,” he once told me. […]

When We Were Kids: The Dumbest Things I Ever Did

I turned eighty this year but when I look back on some of the nutty things I did as a kid, I have to wonder how I ever made it this far.  For example… By Dave Riley ABOUT THE AGE OF TEN I developed an interest in testing the laws of physics. How fast could […]

Hate to Fly? Just Wait Till You’re Older

“The rear of the plane seemed to fishtail in the wind, and I had visions of the entire craft splintering and all of us tumbling out into the sky.” By Dave Riley I TOOK MY FIRST FLIGHT when I was sixteen in a small four-seater owned by two acquaintances. They heard that a high school […]