Monthly Archives: May 2015

Thriving: Arnie Matriculates

A chapter from The Arnie Chronicles, the semi-fictional biography of oldster Joshua Bateman Arnold. By Dave Riley “How about a movie this afternoon?” I asked Mrs. R. one day last week. “This is Thursday. You always play golf with Arnie on Thursday. What gives?” “Can’t play. He’s got a class.” “Arnie’s in a class? What […]

Leisure: Cathy Rigby, Peter Pan, and Herb

“As we get older, we tend to put restrictions on ourselves … But I don’t believe that anymore. I still believe that anything is possible, and that’s a very Peter Pan kind of wishful thinking.” by Dave Riley At sixty-four, former Olympic gymnast Cathy Rigby isn’t a geezer but neither is she a kid. Ms. […]

Maladies: Mrs. R Discovers Hulawalu Syndrome

“Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.” ~ Erma Bombeck by Dave Riley YOU KNOW YOU LIVE among older people when you ask how they are, and they tell you. And tell you. And tell you. And when you say you have such-and-such, they are quick to respond that they or their […]

Aging: Living to 100

At age 39, folksinger-mathematician Tom Lehrer lamented how little he had accomplished in his life by noting that “when he reached my age, Mozart had already been dead four years.” by Dave Riley “Listen to this,” Mrs. R said. “One in three babies born this year will live to the age of 100, official projections […]