Monthly Archives: April 2015

Making A Difference: Robert Macauley, The $12 Billion Man

“He was motivated by the belief that if you act quickly you have more impact and save more lives, than if you act slowly.” by Dave Riley Forty years ago this month Saigon fell, which is why this week newspapers and networks are running stories about that era.   Here is one you may not have […]

Independence: A Car is not a Car

  “Losing your license is a life-changing experience.” By Dave Riley In 1929 the Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte painted his famous oil on canvas, The Treachery of Images, which depicts a briar pipe. The work, which now hangs in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, is remarkable for its clean lines, spot-on hues and […]

When We Were Kids: Trolleys

  One of the snowballers yelled, “I’ll bet nobody can hit the trolley!” Dumb me — I took him up on it. by Dave Riley Some months ago I complained to Mrs. R that old folks, of which I am one, are too set in their ways.   “They can’t stand change,” I said. But she […]

Making A Difference: Len Lesser

“He had hundreds of television and movie credits to his name, yet there he was, spending hours [volunteering] at a school in an out-of-the-way, low-income San Fernando Valley neighborhood…” by Dave Riley Several years ago I gave a pitch for one of my favorite charities, Meals on Wheels, before about 300 people at the Ritz-Carlton […]

Maladies: When A Mind Falters

“…for just one moment, every muscle, every sinew, every synapse in his body remembered what it had probably done perfectly thousands of times before.” by Dave Riley About six years ago I went out to play golf and was put with three guys I didn’t know — two who played together regularly and a third […]