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Aging: The Rich Life of Jeanne Louise Calment

by Dave Riley “If you live to be a hundred you’ve got it made because hardly anybody dies after a hundred.” — George Burns The other day my neighbor Arnie and I had a discussion — a bit of an argument really — about old people, people who are, as Arnie put it, “a hundred […]

The Arnie Chronicles: Arnie’s Dad

From The Arnie Chronicles, the semi-fictional biography of Joshua Bateman Arnold. by Dave Riley Mrs. R and I came home from a movie after dark one night last week, and as we got out of our car we spotted our neighbor Arnie staring off into the distance. “What are you looking at?” I asked him. […]

Making a Difference: How Robert Butler Changed Life for Millions

“His work established that the old did not inevitably become senile, and that they could be productive, intellectually engaged, and active — sexually and otherwise…” by Dave Riley In 1810 a fellow in Great Britain named Peter Durand was awarded a patent for inventing a method that preserved food in a can. Wonderful, we might […]

It’s Never Too Late: Beatrice Vivian Divic

By Dave Riley They come to Los Angeles by the dozens every week — some even say by the hundreds.   They are young and beautiful. They arrive at the depots by train or bus, at LAX and Burbank by plane, or off the interstates, in used vehicles that brothers and other relatives had chipped in […]